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The best way to spend a sunny summer weekend? Making games together!

GMTK Game Jam is an online game jam organized by Game Maker's Toolkit, that is happening between 15.7. - 17.7. Since this year's Global Game Jam site in Lahti had to be moved to an online due COVID-19, IGDA Lahti, supported by Baltic Explorers, decided to provide an onsite jamming place for those that want to participate in GMTK! In July, we will be jamming in StartHub, located inside of LAB University of Applied Sciences in Mukkula. StartHub provides a venue with work tables, chairs, extra screens, a fridge, coffee maker and water boiler, so all you need is to bring your computer and anything else you need to make your game. IGDA Lahti is offering breakfast and beverages to the jammers.

What is a game jam?

Game Jam is a 48-hour event and welcomes everyone with all skill levels to jam together. From those curious about game development to seasoned veterans, everyone is welcome! Game jam is a good way to meet all types of game makers; amateurs, professionals and students in your area and make some games together in a single weekend. Typically, participants work in small teams, racing to produce as complete a game as possible with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity.

If you have any questions, please contact: katri.putkonen[at]lab.fi

Baltic Explorers is co-funded by the Central Baltic programme, Interreg Europe and the European Union.

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