International Business Simulation

Introduction lectures, virtually played business simulation rounds (decision-making rounds in student teams), investor deck / pitching session, report presentations, final seminar via Zoom sessions.

All the participating students have to be present (online and via Zoom) at the first lecture to register to the simulation. Those who miss the first session have no chance to register later and they are dropped out.
05.09.2022 - 20.10.2022
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LAB-ammattikorkeakoulu, Lappeenrannan kampus
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The objective is to learn to apply the theories learnt during the previous studies on various business areas, and to gain comprehensive understanding about how strategic business decisions in areas like marketing, pricing, investments etc. affect the overall success of the company. The student should also get experience of international teamwork potentially in virtual environment.
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The students can utilize their studies on various business areas in running an international company via a simulation game. The target of the course is that the students gain comprehensive understanding on how strategic business decisions in areas like marketing, pricing, investments etc affect the success of the company operating in global markets.

Introduction to the course via practice rounds and result analysis. Mostly virtually played decision-making rounds in student teams. Final seminar with results and analysis.
Two places for the open UAS students
Based on the used business simulation (Cesim) software system, to be delivered in the beginning of the course. The course materials can be found in the Moodle.
6.9.2022 14.00–16.00
13.9.2022 14.00–16.00
20.9.2022 12.00–14.00
27.9.2022 14.00–16.00
4.10.2022 12.00–14.00
13.10.2022 14.00–16.00
18.10.2022 10.00–14.00
Pekka Mytty, Jukka Sirkiä
Team assignments and active participation in the decision-making process in every round, presence required in the introductory lectures in the beginning of the course as well as in the pitching session, final round's lectures and in the final seminar. Grading is based both on the success in the game and the analysis made via the final report.

The places of the open UAS studies are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Please note that the registration is binding.

The registration form will be published on this site by the start of the registration period.

The registration is binding. If the registration is cancelled during the registration period, there are no cancellation charges. If the registration is cancelled after the registration period but before the stated start date, a 50 % cancellation charge applies. If the registration is cancelled after the stated start date or not cancelled at all, the full price will be charged. Cancellations must be made in writing to

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