Lean and processes

Lean and processes course will introduce you to the basics of Lean Thinking. You’ll get familiar with the main concepts and principles of Lean philosophy.
Students will learn the basics of process thinking and recognize the importance of Lean methods and tools in relation to process operations.
On the course students will get the basic knowledge of the principles of the process optimization and connect them to business and environmental thinking.
After the course students are able to recognize the obstacles of smooth process flow and identify waste and how to increase labor productivity by reducing waste. As a student you will get concrete practice by utilizing Lean methodologies and problem-solving tools as a part of process improvement. Additionally students get an overview of Lean applications in different business areas.
Study time
05.09.2022 - 09.11.2022
The scope of education
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Form of study
Online studies

LAB University of Applied Sciences, E-campus


75 euros (VAT 0 %)
Student is able to
- demonstrate the principles of Lean thinking
- describe principles of process thinking
- recognize the importance of Lean thinking in relation to process operations
- describe the principles of optimization and connect them ti business and environmental thinking
- recognize the obstacles of smooth processes flow and possible waste and it's importance to labor productivity
- utilize Lean methodologies and problem-solving tools as part of process improvement
More about implementation
The course is delivered in three distance learning lectures (Zoom) and independently done exercises in the Moodle learning environment.
During the course, students will participate in the lectures, do the exercises and assignments given in the in the Moodle learning environment and return the independently completed final assignment in the end of the course.
Previous knowledge of Lean thinking is not required
Group size
Two places for the open UAS students
Study materials
Modig, N. & Åhlström, P. 2013. This is Lean. Rhealogica Publishing
Morgan J. & Brenig-Jones, M. 2015. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Sayer, N. J. & Williams, B. 2012. Lean for Dummies. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Additional material distributed by the teacher during the lecture and/or via Moodle learning environment.
Lectures Dates
28.9.2022 08.00–12.00
19.10.2022 08.00–12.00
9.11.2022 08.00–12.00
Johanna Kuisma
Evaluation scale
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Implementation of the course:
Orientation assignment (Moodle). Assignment available in Moodle from 5.9. to 21.9.2022
1. Remote lecture (Zoom) 28.9.2022 from 8 am to 12 noon
Independent exercises (Moodle). Exercises available in Moodle from 28.9. to 16.10.2022
2. Remote lecture (Zoom) 19.10. from 8 am to 12 noon (Moodle).
Independent exercises (Moodle). Exercises available in Moodle from 19.10. to 6.11.2022
3. Distance learning (Zoom) 9.11. from 8 am to 12 noon .

The final assignment of the course is available in Moodle from 9.11.2022. Deadline for returning the final assignment is on 4 December 2022.


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