Futures and strategies for international business

The company environment analysis, the strategy development process, development of a business model to full-fill the company strategy, the strategy implementation process, measuring the success of strategy implementation, alternative approaches to the traditional strategy process.
Study time
07.10.2022 - 15.12.2022
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Online studies

LAB University of Applied Sciences, E-campus


75 euros (VAT 0 %)
The student is able to
- explain the relevant trends and issues to be considered in developing a future international business opportunity
- develop a strategic approach to developing the future international business opportunity. Concepts such as working in projects, co-creation, collaborative networks, design thinking, circular economies, blue ocean and creating new market spaces will be explored
- recommend solutions that could be implemented in actualizing the chosen strategy to create the international business opportunity
More about implementation
The course is a virtual (online course and supported with three virtual contact lessons), which enables the student to study for themselves the appropriate time.
Group size
Two places for the open UAS students
Study materials
See moodle.
Lectures Dates
7.10.2022 09.15–16.00
4.11.2022 09.15–16.00
25.11.2022 09.15–16.00
Henri Karppinen
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Virtual Contact days are supportive of the learning materials.

Attention! The students must have completed an appropriate university of applied sciences (UAS) Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree. A Finnish post-secondary level education (opistoasteen tutkinto) may also be admitted. Please send us a copy of your diploma / examination certificate, avoinamkatlab [dot] fi

Evaluation criteria
Learning assignments
Late assignments will have the grade reduced
Any form of plagiarism, coping other people’s work or such silliness, is an automatic fail. Free riders will either have their grade reduced, have to form their own group, or fail.

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