Understanding entrepreneurship as a career option vs. employment.
Prerequisites and requirements for entrepreneurship.
Testing and analyzing one's own entrepreneurial qualities.
Prerequisites for starting a company: the path from innovation into a business idea.
Planning the practical steps for starting a company, such as
- conditions for profitability
- identifying risks and managing them
- choosing the appropriate legal form
- practical measures
- increasing awareness through marketing
Study time
09.01.2023 - 30.11.2023
The scope of education
Main instructor language
Form of study
Online studies

LAB University of Applied Sciences, E-campus


30 euros (VAT 0 %)
Student is able to
- understand entrepreneurship through personal development
- find and utilize different customer oriented business opportunities.
More about implementation
This course implementation will be entirely online. You can HopOn at any time during the course and proceed at your own pace.

LAB business students have a corresponding, compulsory course included in their core competence studies.This course is for other fields of study and it is NOT intended for LAB business students.

There is no exam for this course. Instead, it contains online assigments forming a two (2) credits set. The assignments will be done individually and returned to the Moodle platform. They are evaluated once a month. When you return an assignmen by the end of the month, it will be reviewed by the 15th of the next month (excluding holidays).
The course is suitable for everyone, regardless of previous studies and experience.
LAB business students have a corresponding, compulsory course included in their core competence studies.This course is for other fields of study and it is NOT intended for LAB business students.
Group size
40 places for the open UAS students
Study materials
To be given on Moodle.
Sanna Kokkonen
Evaluation scale
Further information

The course is implemented entirely as an online course (HopOn). You can complete the course at any time between 9 January and 30 November 2023.

A HopOn course is an online course that you can complete at your own pace within the given time limits.

Evaluation criteria
The individual assigments are evaluated on a scale of 1-5 and the whole course is evaluated by pass/fail.

Completing the course requires that all the assignments have been completed and approved.

All the assignments must be returned no later than 30 November 2023. There will be no exceptions to this time limit.

The places of the open UAS studies are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Please note that the registration is binding.

Registration is done in the LAB online shop, where the course fee is paid at the time of registration. A link to the online shop will be published on this site by the start of the registration period.

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- for Finnish high school and vocational school students*) 
- for LUT and LAB Degree students
- for LUT/LAB personnel
- for Saipa or Veiterä team member
- for the LAB alumnis: If you have completed your degree within the normal duration (Bachelor's Degree 3,5 or 4 years, Master's Degree 2 or 2,5 years) you can study free of charge in the semester in which you graduated and in the two semesters following graduation.

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*) Please send a certificate of study to avoinamkatlab [dot] fi. A screen capture of Wilma's frontpage with the name of your school and yourself is accepted.

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HopOn courses: Registration is binding. The fee will not be refunded. Exception: if you registrate for a course before it has started and cancel your registration at least one week (7 days) before the start date, the fee will be refunded. Cancellation must be made in writing to avoinamk@lab.fi.

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