Climate Change and Sustainability Regulations

During the course students get an overall picture of the theory related to climate change and how has human affected on climate change. During the course it is also introduced the overview of policy, regulations and actions to address climate change including sustainable development goals.
Study time
06.09.2021 - 31.12.2021
The scope of education
Main instructor language
Form of study
Online studies

LAB University of Applied Sciences, E-campus


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The student is able to
- to understand the principles of climate change and global warming
- to understand the mechanism of greenhouse effect and its importance for life
- to know the principles of circular economy
- to understand impacts of the use of natural resources to sustainability and climate change, resources, nature depletion
- the meaning of the Sustainable Development Goals
More about implementation
This course is virtual course, containing 3 lecture sessions in Zoom. Most part of the work is done due to the individual and group assignments. The course will contain also Moodle Exam.
No pre-requirements
Group size
Study materials
All of the material will be delivered due to the course´s Moodle platform.
Lectures Dates
16.9.2021 14.00–18.00
30.9.2021 14.00–18.00
14.10.2021 14.00–18.00
Jussi Kuusela, Sakari Autio, Pia Haapea
Evaluation scale
Evaluation criteria
All of the assignments are judged against the learning outcomes of this course. The maximum grade of the course is 5 (min 90 p). Grade 4 will be achieved by of 80 – 89 p; 3: 70 – 79 p; 2: 60 – 69 p); 1: 50 – 59 p. The different assignments will be graded as following:

Individual Assignment 1. 0/5 p (if not returned on time = 0 p)
Individual Assignment 2. 0/5 p (if not done/added to the learning diary = 0 p)
Individual Assignment 3. (Exam): 0 – 40 p. Obligatory.
Individual Assignment 4. (Learning diary): 20 p. Obligatory.

The learning diary is evaluated by teachers given attention to the content and especially how student is able to reflect ones learning. Also, the development suggestions and other feedback of the whole course are important part of the development process.

Group Assignment: 30 p. Obligatory.
Each of the three sections are a worth of maximum 10 p. Grading considers the content of the work, following of the assignment instructions and the layout of the work.

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