The art of leading yourself

In this course students build self-awareness, identify dreams and find new effective ways to plan successful future.
They find ways to create real impact, learn to break negative beliefs and build self-confidence, more empathy and communication skills.

Course consists of weekly sessions, doing Moodle assignments and participating discussions in Moodle discussionboards.

Each week has it's own topic:
Week 1 Building self-Awareness: who am I
Week 2 Building self-Awareness: what do I want
Week 3 Identifying Dreams
Week 4 Planning the way to success
Week 5 Creating Impact into your own life
Week 6 Breaking negative beliefs
Week 7 Building confidence
Week 8 Developing empathy
Week 9 Revising individual progress
Week 10 Building communication skills
Study time
02.10.2022 - 18.12.2022
The scope of education
Main instructor language
Form of study
Online studies

LAB University of Applied Sciences, E-campus


45 euros (VAT 0 %)

The art of leading yourself

The student knows how to
• Understand the concept of self-leadership
• Develop self-awareness
• Identify inner motivation, strengths and weaknesses
• Understand and identify dreams and goals
• Understand and change limiting beliefs
• Identify and manage emotional triggers
• Visualize positive experiences
• Create goals plans
• Build healthy habits
• Review progress
• Build connections with other people
• Communicate ideas effectively
More about implementation
The course consists of 10 weeks of online teaching and groupwork, individual exercises, online videos, additional reading, optional 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, and discussion boards in Moodle. Ten online sessions are organized on Mondays at 15:00 in Zoom/Teams, and include introductions into self-leadership, self-leadership strategies, and instruction on exercises. The deadlines for assignments are on Sundays. Required attendance is 60%.
The course doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience in self-leadership. We recommend to enroll in the course “The art of being present” to get the optimal experiences and results.
Group size
Two places for the open UAS students
Study materials
The learning materials and the list of additional reading will be provided.
Lectures Dates
3.10.2022 15.00–17.00
10.10.2022 15.00–16.00
17.10.2022 15.00–16.00
31.10.2022 15.00–16.00
7.11.2022 15.00–16.00
14.11.2022 15.00–16.00
21.11.2022 15.00–16.00
28.11.2022 15.00–16.00
5.12.2022 15.00–16.00
12.12.2022 15.00–16.00
Olga Bogdanova, Tiina Väänänen, Kaisa Liukko
Evaluation scale
Evaluation criteria
Pass/Fail. Requirements: minimum attendance 75% of sessions and returned assignments, learning diaries and final porftfolio in Moodle, filling out pre- and after- course assessment survey. Learning diaries and portfolio demonstrate self-reflection and ability to analyze own progress.

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The registration form will be published on this site by the start of the registration period.

Registration period
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