RekryPoint - Finnish Not Required

Event date and time
1.4.2020 08.00–18.00
Event location
LAB's role
Are you looking for a new talent to a position in which Finnish language is not a must-have requirement? RekryPoint – Finnish Not Required is a recruiting event to connect the recruiting companies and the talents from LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.

The event will start with a pitching session in which each company has two minutes to raise the interest of the students and pitch for its recruiting needs. After the pitching session, the event will continue with a possibility to contact the students at the stands.

Before the event, the participating companies are able to advertise their open positions and recruiting needs at RekryPoint – Finnish Not Required Facebook event. If you wish to have pre-scheduled job interviews before or after the event, ask for job applications from the students beforehand. We will offer you the facilities for the job interviews.