Muotoiluinstituutin Design Show 2022

LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts´ Design Show 2022: Translucent

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Sibelius Hall
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This year the LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts renew and expands its legendary Degree Show to a Design Show to the Lahti Sibelius Hall.

Exhibition called Translucent is gathering a selection of works from the students and graduates of LAB University of Applied Sciences’ Institute of Design and Fine Arts. By showcasing our institute’s future creative professionals, we hope to bring visibility to creative work, and all that goes into it.

Every creative process starts with an idea and a designer, who pours thoughts and energy into it. This is followed by ups and downs and various challenges that must be solved. Too often this work is invisible: we see the finished product, but the process leading up to it stays hidden.

This exhibition gives you a glimpse of behind-the-scenes in art and design, while highlighting some of the great work done in our institution. To sum up, we offer translucency.

Event agenda

LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts´ Design Show 2022: Translucent

Welcome to the exhibition on May 17th to May 22nd of 2022 to the Sibelius Hall.

Access to the exhibition is free. Opening hours are Tue-Fri 10–18 and Sat-Sun 12–18.

Follow us on Instagram: @mi_designshow.

Exhibition team:

  • Producer: Susanna Björklund
  • Curating: Outi Wright, Signe Norling, Karoline Riis
  • Marketing: Eetu Markkanen, Laura Mertala, Laura Virkkula
  • Visual communication: Aleksandra Niiranen, Laura Mertala, Laura Virkkula, Vilja Heikkilä, Roosa Siirilä, Eetu Markkanen, Nadja Frantzén, Kiia Kostet
  • Exhibition architecture: Ani Puranen, Aada Katajala, Joona Karvonen, Siiri Kalliokorpi, Jaka Oman, Venera Gazilaeva, Signe Norling, Karoline Riis, Noora Karstila
  • Teachers in charge: Henri Halla-Aho, Kaisa Leka


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