SELL Student Games 2020 in Lahti 15.-17.5.2020 - Light the fire


Event date and time
Event location
LAB's role
International student sports event SELL Student Games organized in Lahti, Finland, May 15-17, 2020.

SELL Student Games 2020 are cancelled, read more. 

LAB organizes the international student sports event in the heart of Lahti. Welcome to the  SELL Student Games 2020!.

Open for all university students from all over the world!

Over 1200 participants
12 different sports
3 days

Registration will open Jan 15, 2020. Registration fee for participants from the SELL countries (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) is 30 €/sport and participants from NON SELL countries 40 €/sport.  The fee for additional sport is 10 €/sport.

1. Athletics 
2. Judo and wrestling 
3. Basketball, floorball, volleyball, mini-football 
4. Orienteering
5. Disc Golf, Mölkky
6. eSports
7. Exhibition sport: Hängii
*Organizer reserves the right the all changes in the programme.

Sports, enjoyment, experience and togetherness!
Lahti2020 - Light the Fire!