BIOREGIO Final Dissemination Event

Event date and time
11.5.2021 08.30–13.30
Event location
LAB's role
Welcome to the BIOREGIO final dissemination event to share achievements related to the bio-based circular economy and regional Action Plans implementation. BIOREGIO boosts the bio-based circular economy through the transfer of expertise about the best available technologies and cooperation models. This event has been also accepted as one of the EU Green Week 2021 Partner Events.
Event agenda

08:30    Connection of invited and registered participants (via MS Teams)

09:00    Welcome and introduction

09:15    BIOREGIO boosting bio-based circular economy: Katerina Medkova, BIOREGIO Project Manager, LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland – project lead partner

09:30    Interreg Europe: state of play 

09:45    Circular Bio-economy: the pathway to sustainability, recovery and resilience

10:00 EU Green Deal: Horizon Europe funding for a sustainable future

10:45    Examples of the circular economy in less developed regions in Slovakia

11:00    Vladimír Ledecký, Member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic

11:15    Päijät-Häme Region (Finland)

11:30    Castilla-La Mancha Region (Spain)

11:45    Region of Central Macedonia (Greece)

12:30    Nitra Self-Governing Region (Slovakia)

12:45    South Muntenia Region (Romania)

13:00    Pays de la Loire Region (France)

13:15    Discussion, Q&A

13:30    End of the BIOREGIO high-level dissemination event for invited guests