Circular Economy Themes

We work with other operators to enable a transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy. We actively take part in the development of new technologies, digital solutions and functions that enable sustainable material cycles and improve resource efficiency. We promote the construction of sustainable communities and operating models that support them. We generate new business related to circular economy and develop the low-carbon economy.

We focus on sustainable material cycles – and aim for success

Our themes include:

  • Technical and biological loops
    • We develop technologies and bio-products that have a high added value, as well as smart digital solutions that promote sustainable material cycles.
  • Resource efficiency
    • We improve energy, material and water efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy. We utilise lifecycle analysis and data modelling to promote low-carbon solutions.
  • Sustainable community
    • We promote carbon-neutral activities and behaviour, develop sustainable solutions for communities and urban environments, and improve rural vitality.
  • Systemic approaches towards Circular Economy
    • We generate innovations and service solutions with different operators with the aim of enabling system-level transitions in the society towards a carbon-neutral circular economy.